Let's go outside

debbie Van der Steen

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Let's go outside

The sun is still a bit late, but you still feel the itch... Spring is here and you want to get outside! This is definitely my favourite season! The buds on the trees and the birds' early morning chirping call for that first bared leg, that first short sleeve.

Yes, it's time to put away that winter wardrobe and go for soft earthy tones and some colour.


Let's go outside!

A picnic in the park. There's no better way to celebrate spring by getting together with friends in a park, right?
Easy loose clothing, a nice blanket, some snacks in a cooler and then enjoy catching the first rays of the sun! Do you get it?

  👉🏻 Puffy lunchbox - Baggu - 48€

Spring is in the air

Spring scents. How do you cap these? Easy!

You just go for one of Maison Matine's fragrances.

This French perfume brand has aquatic and floral scents as well as fruity and earthy scents. Will you go for freesias or orange blossoms? Or for mint & honeydew melon? If you don't know, then just pick the prettiest bottle

( although that's not easy either, because they are all so pretty!)

👉🏻 Parfum - Maison Matine 50ml - 55€


Bare legs

I did it last year. As soon as the first sun showed itself, I bare my legs. That way I got rid of that pale winter skin a little faster.
You can test this out with these dresses. They are long enough to still find some warmth in the cosy fabric, but have a slit so those calves can catch the sunlight. What's more, these dresses are super comfy too!

👉🏻 dresses 85€ - 129€



On the go

You know that excitement you feel about a week to a few days before you leave on holiday?
Knowing you will see, taste & smell new things...
Away from that familiar village or city, no matter how beloved.
Just leaving and discovering the world.

We will travel and take this with us:




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