a Beautiful Story

Heaven Necklace - Citrine Tiger Eye Gold


This half-length 'Heaven Necklace' from 'A Beautiful Story' is a gold-tone necklace made of gold-plated brass. The necklace features an oval ring, six faceted cirtine gemstones and one large tiger eye gemstone.

Tiger eye reassures you. Do questions and worries keep you awake at night? Tiger's eye whispers that you can just follow your instincts.

Citrine is always cheerful. Want lightheartedness and optimism? Then citrine is just what you need.

Gemstones are created by nature. Each gemstone is unique. Therefore, the colour of your jewellery may look slightly different from the picture.

DIMENSIONS: length 42-45 cm

MATERIALS: gold-plated brass and gemstones

ORIGIN: fair trade made in Nepal