Juniper Ridge

Body Oil - Redwood Mist


Body or massage oil for people who love the outdoors.

Juniper Ridge brings nature from the American West Coast to your home. With their pure wildly harvested essential oils they take you to the misty coastal forests where the great Redwood firs stand. This basic mix of organic jojoba, sweet almond and coconut oil makes this body oil an antioxidant. This body oil smells woody and sweet with a hint of laurel. A true delight for the senses!

Harvested in:

Redwood forests on the coast of California

This oil smells like:

A forest drenched in fog, sweet rain, fresh bay laurel


steam distilled natural essential oils / 100% Vegetable / Free of preservatives, paraben and colorant 

Sweet almond oil**, fractionated coconut oil**, Jojoba oil**, redwood sequoia and bay leaf extracts ** (** Organic)


Gently massage the body oil onto your skin until it is absorbed. Preferably use while the skin is still moist after showering or bathing for better absorption or add a few drops to your bath to soften the skin.


Bottle with dispensing cap of 118 ml. Equipped with a beautiful label designed by Californian naturalist and artist Obi Kaufman.


10% of the profits made by Juniper Ridge go to supporting the conservation of California's forests and nature