Juniper Ridge

Solid Perfume - White Sage


Unisex solid perfume in convenient packaging with the scent of white sage.

Juniper Ridge from California brings nature from the West to here. Their characteristic essential oil blends form the aromatic basis of these waxy solid perfumes. This unisex perfume is perfect to take with you on a trip or hike. The scent of white sage takes you to the vast, sun-drenched Mojave Desert, where this plant grows abundantly.

Harvested in:

Mojave Desert

This scent makes us dream:

Warm, sun-drenched earth, fresh mint, spicy resin and wild sage.

Natural ingredients:

Organic beeswax, Organic jojoba, steam distilled essential oil


Warm this perfume with your fingertips and apply directly to your wrists or neck. The perfect refreshment on the go!


Handy tin of 6 by 3 cm.