Sweater Briana - Dirt Road


One Size

Oversized mid-length sleeve jumper from the Dão x Eva collection.

This cropped jumper in soft (pinkish) beige has a wide fit and nice volume in the sleeves. Embroidered at the back of the jumper is: 'Let's have a glass of I don't care'. A daily reminder to be kind to yourself.

Dão x Eva is a collaboration between Belgian sustainable clothing brand Dão and Eva Daeleman. As co-designers, Dão owner Dão and Eva drew the entire clothing collection together. Each model is designed with an agile lifestyle in mind, and made in soft fabrics that flow with your life. You can take it to yoga class and then on to the brunch bar or work, or even crawl on your knees after your brood.

"A lot of women are already too often preoccupied with taking care of others and not making enough time for themselves." Eva Daeleman

The Daily Reminders are a friendly signal to take a break and get closer to yourself. For those wearing the collection, but also for those around them. On some jumpers and t-shirts there is an embroidered Daily Reminder, on all other pieces a subtle embroidered cross. Just as you would put such a cross on your hand to remember something .

  • SIZES: one size, falls wide, cropped model
  • MATERIAL: 100% organic cotton.
  • CARE: wash with similar colours at 30°
  • ORIGIN: made with love in Portugal