Juniper Ridge

Tea - White Sage & Wild Mint


Botanical herbal tea with wild mint from California.

Juniper Ridge brings the flavours and scents of the West Coast of America to your home. This wonderfully cosy, complex, mineral tea tastes as good as it smells. Lightly dip the tea bag in the water for a fresh mint flavour or leave the bag in the cup to release the deeper earthy notes. Add some party and extra warmth to your cup with a dash of bourbon and you get a real Juniper Ridge mint julep, the makers' favourite drink. Try 'on the rocks' for a perfect summer tea.

Harvested in:

Mojave Desert, California

This tea is perfect:

as a refreshing summer drink or refreshing after a long working day.


100% sustainably harvested white sage & peppermint, no additives. Without caffeine or gluten, vegan


Warm: let 5 to 10 pull

Cold: fill a cup or jug with cold water and place covered in the fridge, leave to brew for 5 to 10 minutes and serve.


Each SFI certified* box contains 20 unbleached bags and comes with a packaging designed by Californian naturalist and artist Obi Kaufman.


10% of Juniper Ridge's profits go to supporting the conservation of California's forests and nature