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Heartwarming blue items to get you through the winter
We have switched from summer to autumn, the season when we turn a little more into ourselves and our home.  We switch from cooling down to warming up, from eating outside to cocooning inside.
To get your body and soul ready for this autumn and next winter, we're showing  you our most heartwarming products.
It's time for self-care
Take a warm soothing bath with some drops of essential oil in it. After the bath, it is time to pamper that winter skin. This can be done with a scrub and/or a body oil. This moisturises and nourishes the skin.
The scent of the naturally distilled fragrances from Californian brand 'Juniper Ridge' are healing for body and soul. Harvested in the wild, these products bring the scent of nature to your home.
(Essential oil - Juniper Ridge - 18 euro  +Body Oil - Juniper Ridge - €19.50)


To literally warm the soul, we will gladly serve you a cup of hot tea. Not a classic chamomile tea but flavours straight from the wilds of California.
How about Douglas fir, wild sage or Yerba Santa herbs? Botanical teas packaged in beautiful nature-friendly packaging.

A touch of Lilac and Blue for you

The days are getting shorter and darker as well as our clothing. But in order not to make it all too dull and dead, we selected some fun fashion items in blue tones that still add the necessary life.

 Socks as from 16 euro / Jewellery as from 29,95 euro / Bag 68 euro


 Blue Notes

You can also apply ' a touch of blue' in the interior. We fell in love with the Delftware in Studio Ineke Van der Werff's ceramic line. Her handmade mugs and tea bags, vases and bowls are beautiful and fragile.
Then, at US label Baggu, we find cuddly towels with a playful print of mushrooms in blue. So you see, a cool colour like blue can also be COOL.



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