Juniper Ridge

Essential Oil - Coastal Pine


The heart of nature packed into a small bottle!

Essential oils
are the most concentrated way to capture the fragrance and effect of a plant. Bring the outdoors into your home with this invigorating scent of Coastal Pine. The fresh scent of sequoia, pine and laurel can be evaporated through this oil or applied diluted on your body. Read our user tips carefully!

Harvested in:
The redwood forests of Northern California, where sequoia trees touch the coast

This oil smells like:
Misty forest, fresh rain, fresh coastal air

steam distilled natural essential oils / 100% Vegetable / Free of preservatives, paraben and colouring agents

- make a room smell good by evaporating this oil in some water through a diffuser

- add a few drops to your bath water

- add a few drops to an unscented lotion or almond oil, for example

- Never use undiluted directly on the body

Bottle with 5ml dispenser cap.

Extra :10% of the profits made by Juniper Ridge go to supporting the conservation of California's forests and nature